Leki Cressida FX Carbon Women's Trekking Poles

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Leki Cressida FX Carbon Women's Trekking Poles


The CRESSIDA FX CARBON may be your ultimate companion for mountain adventures. These women's specific trekking poles from LEKI are crafted from lightweight carbon, providing exceptional strength and durability without compromising on weight. The folding design of these hiking poles adds to their versatility, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Equipped with the innovative Aergon Air Compact grip, specifically designed for smaller hands, these poles offer a comfortable and secure grip throughout your days on the trail. The Aergon Air grip has been meticulously redesigned to enhance comfort and control, ensuring a superior hiking experience. The innovative hollow technology combines lightweight construction with large, supportive surfaces, meeting your hand's ergonomic requirements. Enjoy maximum stability and control when descending steep slopes, thanks to the rubberized grip head of the Aergon Air.

The built-in inclined angle provides crucial wrist support, optimizing pole guidance and placement. When not in use, simply fold the poles into three sections, measuring less than 16 inches, for effortless pack-ability. With the reliable Speed Lock 2 plus lever, you can easily adjust the CRESSIDA FX CARBON poles between 100-120 cm, accommodating your preferred length throughout your hike. Discover the pinnacle of performance with these ultralight trekking poles, considered among the best in their class. Choose the CRESSIDA FX CARBON Carbon and embark on your mountain adventures with confidence and comfort.



Aergon Air

The innovative hollow core design combines lightweight construction, large, supportive surfaces, and a built-in positive angle for unsurpassed ergonomic support. Rubberized grip head for exceptional control.


Lock Security Strap- Skin

Adjustable security strap made from breathable, lightweight and soft material for maximum comfort. 

Shaft Materials


Super light and stiff shaft material providing a low swing weight and precision pole plants for all-day performance.

Folding Pole Technology

 ELD (External Locking Device)

A user-friendly locking mechanism for fast and easy tool-free adjustment in the field. Releases the pole tension with the push of a button.

Length Adjustment Systems

  SpeedLock 2 Plus (SL2+)

An easy to adjust External lever system with exceptional holding power providing security and performance.


Trekking 2.0 Basket

Prevents sinking into soft surfaces and protects the lower shaft.
Easily exchangeable for various conditions without any tools.


Universal Carbide Flextip

Provide optimal grip when hiking on all surfaces.

 Storage bag

Included storage bag to keep your poles protected while not in use.


Gender: Women's

Construction: Foldable | Adjustable

Size run: Adjustable 100 - 120 cm

Pack Size: 40 cm

Weight: 245 g

Grip:    Aergon Air

Grip size: Compact

Strap: Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0

Strap size: One Size (continuously adjustable)

Number of segments: 5

Shaft Diameter: 18|16|14|14|14 mm

Shaft Material: Carbon

Shaft upper part: Carbon (PRC 1000)

Shaft Lower Part: Carbon (PRC 1000)

Folding System     ELD

Locking System: Speed Lock 2 plus

Basket: Trekking

Tip: Flex Tip

Tip Spike: Carbide

Storage Bag: Folding Pole Bag

Unit:     Pair