Leki Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Poles

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Leki Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Poles


Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with the BLACK SERIES FX CARBON trekking pole from LEKI, your exclusive companion for every journey! This sleek and versatile pole features the innovative Aergon Air grip with a genuine cork surface. Its enhanced design focuses on comfort and control, so the grip provides precision placement with each step. The unique hollow core technology combines lightweight construction with large, supportive surfaces, meeting the ergonomic demands of your hand for a comfortable and natural grip. For maximum grip and control during downhill descents, the fully rubberized grip head of the Aergon Air delivers exceptional performance.

The inclined angle of the grip further supports your wrist, optimizing pole guidance and placement while enhancing your stability on challenging mountain terrain. Thanks to the efficient and secure Speed Lock 2 Plus lever system, the BLACK SERIES FX CARBON pole offers infinite adjustability between 110-130 cm, allowing you to customize the length to suit your needs as the demands of the trail change. Furthermore, it conveniently folds into three compact sections, measuring less than 16 inches when folded, making it easy to stow away in your backpack when not in use and simple to place in checked bags when traveling. Discover why the BLACK SERIES CARBON FX is widely regarded as one of today's best trekking poles.



Aergon Air Cork

A hollow core design combines lightweight construction, large, supportive surfaces and built-in positive angles for unsurpassed ergonomic support. Natural cork surface for ultimate comfort.


Lock Security Strap- Skin

Adjustable security strap made from breathable, lightweight and soft material for maximum comfort. 

Folding Pole Technology

CLD (Core Locking Device)

Internal locking mechanism with a sleek and lightweight design for fast and easy assembly.

Shaft Materials


Super light and stiff shaft material providing a low swing weight and precision pole plants for all-day performance.

Length Adjustment Systems


Trekking 2.0 Basket

Prevents sinking into soft surfaces and protects the lower shaft.
Easily exchangeable for various conditions without any tools.


Universal Carbide Flextip

Provide optimal grip when hiking on all surfaces.

Storage bag

Included storage bag to keep your poles protected while not in use.



Gender: Unisex

Construction: Foldable | Adjustable

Sizerun: Adjustable 110 - 130 cm

Pack Size: 40 cm

Weight: 228 g

Grip: Aergon Air

Grip size: Standard

Strap:     Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0

Strap size: One Size (continously adjustable)

Number of segments: 4

Shaft Diameter: 16|14|14|14 mm

Shaft Material: Carbon

Shaft upper part: Carbon (PRC 1000)

Shaft Lower Part: Carbon (PRC 1000)

Folding System     CLD

Locking System: Speed Lock 2 plus

Basket: Trekking

Tip: Flex Tip

Tip Spike: Carbide

Storage Bag: Folding Pole Bag

Unit: Pair