USMC Improved Bivy Cover Coyote Brown USA

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USMC Improved Bivy Cover Coyote Brown USA


This genuine issue USMC improved bivy cover is part of the US Marine Corps Three Season Sleep System (3S). It is designed to cover the Coyote Brown 3 season Sleeping bag & the Black Cold Weather Bag in the system, making them waterproof and adds to the insulation value. Genuine USMC Issue (NSN#8465-01-574-4005) Water resistant Lightweight Zippered mesh face screen Made in USA.


Condition: Grade 2 has small tear in mesh, otherwise perfect condition.


Please Note: This is a new item with a small approximately 2 inch X 1 inch tear in the mesh otherwise it is in perfect condition.  No refunds or exchanges on this item.


Always remember never completely enclose yourself in any bivy bag always leave about 6 inches of open space to allow the exchange of fresh air to avoid suffocation.