Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 52 Liter

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Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 52 Liter


The latest mission ready pack From Tasmanian Tiger


The TT Base Pack 52 is a large mission backpack with modular expansion options from a volume of 52 liters, expandable to 65 liters.

Includes a height adjustable and removable lid. When used without the lid the backpack is closed with the rolled snow guard. Front and sides are MOLLE.

The hip belt can be removed and used separately as a warrior belt.



  • V2 Plus Carrying System, Volume expandable from 52 liters to 65 liters

  • Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes

  • Roll top snow guard (without lid) can be used in two locking positions

  • Height-adjustable chest belt, removable, padded hip belt. Hip belt can be used as warrior belt

  • Side compression straps, compression around perimeter of base

  • Lid with gear loops, easy-access pocket on top of lid, which is height-adjustable

  • Hydration system compatible

  • Gear loops, Antenna ports into the main compartment

  • MOLLE system on most attachment areas




52 Liters expandable to 65 liters


5.89 lb/2.67 kg


29.12H x 12.2W x 8.7D in/74x12.2x21cm


CORDURA® 700 Denier








Size-adjustable carrying system for medium to heavy loads. The V2 Plus Carrying System has a high contact point on the back panel that offers a tremendous range when adjusting the back length. Backpacks with this system also have a detachable hip strap, which means they can also be carried with fully-packed plate carriers and chest rigs – the broad, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps make sure they are still comfortable to wear. The detachable hip strap can also be worn separately as a "warrior belt".

Two V-shaped aluminum rods (1) guide the load directly into the reinforced hip strap. The three-part ergonomically shaped hip strap consists of a lumbar pad with a rubberized insert (2) to prevent the backpack from slipping, and two conically shaped hip wings (3). They have several layers of padding and are reinforced with a PE plate. The hip strap is easy to tighten using the deflected belt strap (4). The back padding (5) is concave and sewn into chambers to provide optimal ventilation. The height of the wide, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps is adjustable (6), and together with the load control straps (7)ensure a close, firm fit of the backpack. The hook-and-loop attached lumbar padding can be removed when required, in which case the system‘s aluminum rods – which are normally secured in the hip strap – are secured in band flaps. This makes it even easier to pull the rods out from the bottom when required.