ESS Crossblade NARO Laser LPL-532 Three Lens Kit

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ESS Crossblade NARO Laser LPL-532 Three Lens Kit


The new ESS Crossblade™ Eyeshield features advanced Clear Zone™ Anti-fog coatings plus two different sized lens and nosepiece options to allow for customizable modular fit. Users can choose between a Standard lens and nosepiece or NARO lens and NARO nosepiece. With the modular system, the Crossblade™ can be set specifically to fit the end user’s facial structure. Modular Fit equals performance and comfort.

The Crossblade's Tri-Tech Fit™ frame features a snug fit with zero pressure points. Advanced Clear Zone™ Dual Flow Coated lenses are engineered to eliminate fog inside and prevent scratches outside. Distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ keep your vision razor sharp and the DedBolt™ Lens Lock pivot allows for rapid lens exchanges.

Levels of protection

  • Laser: Wavelength 532nm @ OD 2.5 - VLT 48%
  • Ballistic: U.S. MIL Spec MIL-PRF-32432A
  • Industrial: ANSI Z87.1-2015, U.S. Federal OSHA





 As part of the ESS Cross-Series™ eyeshield platform, all Crossblade™ lenses are compatible and interchangeable with the ESS Crossbow®, Crosshair™ and Suppressor™ frames. Crossblade™ Standard and Crossblade™ NARO nose pieces are NOT interchangeable with the other Cross-Series products.


The ESS Crossblade™ 3LS LPL-5 Kit


Black Crossblade™ NARO 3LS  LPL-5 Kit NARO retail version features one complete Eyeshield: One Black frame with NARO Laser LPL-532, NARO Clear & NARO Smoke Gray lenses fitted with NARO Crossblade nose pieces.