Eberlestock Mainframe & Vapor Combo Kit

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Eberlestock Mainframe & Vapor Combo Kit



The primary base platform for the EMOD™ system with a constantly growing number of accessories. Build it up to be a multi-day expedition pack, or go in light so you can come out heavy.

Tested to hold more than 1300 lbs., this ultra-rugged frame utilizes top of the line zippers to allow the attachment of a variety of packs and accessories to fit any backcountry hunt. The Mainframe™ is fully adjustable and completely user configurable with endless combinations.


Use the Vapor 2500 or 5000 for any length adventure with ultra-light considerations.
Use 2 Batwings when you plan to go in light and come out heavy. Stay quick, light, and mobile with the Batwings. They are intuitive and make packing out meat simple.

Pair with the Super Spike Duffel or Dry Bag with Batwings for a 2-4 day hunt. Pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the duffel or dry bag and hunt in your ultralight Batwing setup.
If you like the organization and function of a backpack, the new Vapor 5000 is the ideal choice for a 2-5 day trip. Allows for top-loading or front-loading access and use the Mainframe when it is time for some heavy lifting.

Regular Product Specs:

Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz
Dimensions: 26"h x 11"w

Tall Product Specs:

Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz
Dimensions: 29.5" x 11"w

Built-in Grapple compression straps
Zippered attachment points
MOLLE webbing matrix on main panel
Adjustable ladder harness system

Tall Version Product Features:

Tall version is 3.5" taller than the regular size
Designed for those with torso lengths measuring 19 inches or longer
Tall Mainframe is compatible with the same accessories and packs as regular Mainframe