Cockpit USA Stealth CWU Black USA Made

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Cockpit USA Stealth CWU Black USA Made


The Cockpit USA Movie Heroes© Black Stealth CWU – is the newest addition to our iconic Movie Hero Collection. This light-weight summer bomber jacket is made using a durable black nylon jacket shell and lining woven to Cockpit USA specifications. This black flight jacket is inspired by the official Nomex® version that was supplied by Cockpit USA for the film’s sequel of the blockbuster film classic, “Top Gun”. The CWU-36 flight jacket has been the U.S. military aviator’s primary summer weight flight jacket for over 40 years, worn by pilots and aircrew of the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, & Coast Guard still today. Our Black Stealth CWU aviator jacket now joins our “Movie Hero” Collection with all of the details featured on the big screen’s most famous Fighter pilot, but updated for a slick tonal finish.

  • Durable Nylon shell and lining 

  • Velcro mounted tonal VX-31, USN Fighter Weapons School, and American Flag Patches

  • Velcro mounted embossed Cockpit USA leather Name Tag

  • Military fit

  • Manufactured in the USA



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