Tennier Industries USMC Improved Bivy Cover Coyote Brown USA Made

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Tennier Industries USMC 3 Season Sleep System Improved Bivy Cover (IBC) Coyote Brown USA Made


This is the latest USMC The bivy cover is made of 100% Nylon and 100% PTFE (Gor-tex) and features mesh bug screen.  This bivy is designed to be used with the regular and long USMC issue 3 Season sleeping bags and the USMC Cold Weather Sleeping Bag or both combined.  The USMC the Season Bivy can also be used on its own in warmer weather or with the Woobie Blanket (Poncho Liner) It can also be used with many other sleeping bags as well.


Always remember never completely enclose yourself in any bivy bag always leave about 6 inches of open space to allow the exchange of fresh air to avoid suffocation.