Kryptek Dalibor Jacket Obskura Transitional

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Kryptek Dalibor Jacket Obskura Transitional




Kryptek Obskura blends in with numerous environments within the transitional classification of terrain that makes up 70% of the earths surface.  Proven through military studies and analysis, Transitional uses medium value colors based off the prominent pantones found in those environments.
These colors have a greater tendency to make use of ambient light reflected off surrounding objects for maximum blending effect.  


Kryptek Dalibor Jacket Key Features

Versatile, practical, and lightweight synthetic construction make the Dalibor one of our best active jacket offerings. Designed to be layered according to the temperature and your exertion level, this exceptionally durable jacket is ideal for mild-to-cool conditions and was field tested for over two years in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex

  • Water-resistant DWR

  • Chest pockets 

  • Arm pockets 

  • Stretch fabric

  • Stay put, full peripheral vision hood design

  • Lightweight