Eberlestock Thunderbolt Mountain Parka

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Eberlestock Thunderbolt Mountain Parka




The Thunderbolt Mountain Parka is the premier mid-to-late season piece when warmth and packability are a necessity. The torso features 133g Primaloft Gold insulation while the arms and hood feature 80g. This offers extreme insulation, while under-arm zippers allow easy heat displacement. 

The hood retention cord stays out of the way, placed conveniently inside the ergonomically placed hand pockets. These pockets also feature external, as well as internal zippers, allowing access to mid-layer pockets, tactical chest-rigs, or concealed appendix carry without the removal of the Parka. Dual shoulder pockets offer additional storage capacity. 

Brush-finished fabric provides excellent noise reduction while maintaining extreme durability. The Thunderbolt is cut with additional length at the belt line to the rear to keep from riding up and exposing the lower back when sitting in a glassing position. With three solid colors and Eberlestock's three patented Doppel:Ganger camo options, the Thunderbolt will protect against the elements in your daily life, or on the mountain.


Specs & Features:


  • Primaloft Gold Insulation (133g at torso/80g at arms/hood)

  • DWR water repelling coating

  • Packable

  • Brush-finished fabric for noise concealment

  • Pass-through internal zippers allowing access to mid-layer pockets

  • Underarm zippers for heat displacement

  • Dual Shoulder pockets

  • Internal chest pocket

  • Additional length cut at lower back to shield from the elements while sitting


Part of the Eberlestock Layering System see the chart below, all items sold separately in our store.