Eberlestock Reveille Sleeping Bag

Eberlestock Reveille Sleeping Bag
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Eberlestock Reveille Sleeping Bag


3-season bag with the best synthetic insulation on the planet, Same as the Carinthia Military Defense 4 Sleeping Bag


This top-of-the-line European-made synthetic bag will go head-to-head with any synthetic bag on the planet.


This great 3-season bag can be combined with our Ultralight bag (with the latter used as a liner), which turns the pair into an excellent cold weather bag. If you buy both, you will be ready for any environment.


The Reveille features Carinthia G-Loft insulation, the best synthetic insulation on the planet. This type of bag is recommended for environments where you may encounter wet conditions, as G-Loft maintains very good insulation performance and keeps its loft when damp.





    Comfort rated to 5 F. Practical "push" rated to -36 F

    Sizes: Regular for body height up to 72.5". Long for body height up to 78.7"

    Weight: 4.0 lbs