Eberlestock Kite 4800 Ultralight Pack

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Eberlestock Kite 4800 Ultralight Pack

Stealth, Lightweight, Modular and Best in Class

The Kite 4800™ is an outstanding stand-alone ultralight pack that can also be combined with our F1 Mainframe™ systems. Designed for the minimalist, the Kite’s capacity to weight ratio is best-in-class. When used with our frames, detach the shoulder harness and hip belt for more weight savings. The Kite 4800 uses the ACH Hookup Kits™ to connect to our EMOD™ frames, resulting in a lightweight, modular, and expandable pack system.


Technical Specs:


  • Volume: 4800 Cubic Inches

  • Weight: 5.15 lbs

  • Dimensions: 42"h x 19"w x 10.5"d