Catoma Special Forces Armadillo Shelter System Coyote Brown

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Catoma Special Forces Armadillo Shelter System Coyote Brown


Catoma Special Forces Armadillo LCS (Lightweight Combat Shelter) Coyote Brown Pop Up Shelter Tent. GSA Compliant



At the request of the US Army SOCOM elements, we revisited the design of the EBNS to make it faster and lighter.

After a couple months of changes we have now got the LCS to where we are happy with the weight and look. It also has a new name based on what it resembles. The "Armadillo LCS" is a one-man sub three pound tent with stakes! It still features the BedNet as the inner base and then use a shock corded pole to give you a double wall tent. Which in the south is a must because of all the humidity. We got rid of the vestibules to save weight and since the military uses waterproof pack covers now it wasn't necessary. It uses the same 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon as the EBNS so you know it is durable.

A cool feature is that you can actually take the ridge line pole out and then fold the tent (with the fly still attached) up like you normally do a BedNet. Even with the fly on you can still pack it down to 13" x 13" x 3" as seen in photo. Another feature is Ventilation straps. As you can see in the 5th photo if you need extra air movement in the tent you can use the Ventilation straps to let extra air in. When not needed they store underneath to keep the elements out. If 3 pounds is somehow to heavy and you need even less weight you can leave the pole at home and use some 550 cord or equivalent. Just string the cord between two trees and then attach the clips on the rope to create the backbone. The tent goes down to 2.55 lbs if you do that!




Armadillo Sleeps:1

Trail Weight:2.96 lbs. // 1.34 kg 

Weight:3.15 lbs. // 1.43 kg

Packed Dimensions:13” x 13” x 3.5” // 33 cm x 33 cm x 9 cm

Center Height:27” // 68.5 cm

Floor Area:90” L x 33” W at head x 25” W at feet

Floor Material:70 Denier 1.9 oz. Ripstop Nylon

Material: 20 Denier No-See-Um


Color: Coyote Brown

GSA Compliant